Why Ruxxy craft

Our products are designed to be durable and long-lasting, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

We also have a strong focus on sustainability: all of our materials are 100% reusable and we use environmentally friendly practices wherever possible.
We use natural dyes and non-toxic finishes ensuring that you’ll be safe when you use our products.
We believe in supporting local businesses whenever possible, which is why we always source from local artisans.

 That’s why when you buy Ruxxy Craft products, you can rest assured that it’s going to be something special.

Our Story

We want to support local artisans, so we make products that are a little bit more than just a pretty face.

Every product we make is handmade by people who have a deep connection to their craft, with decades of experience and knowledge and a long history of cultural and traditional expertise. These people put their soul and skills into what they create, and it shows—our products are more than just pretty faces, they’re works of art. We believe that you can have luxury without price tags, and your money goes further when you buy from someone who cares about their work, too.

Blending craftsmanship and functionality with Thai design and inspiration. The best of local wisdom and artisanship Intricate, pretty, and beautiful.

Our products

At Ruxxy craft, we believe in sustainable practices.

we believe that every product we sell is unique and beautiful. That’s why our range includes bags, hats, scarves, and more – all handmade to the highest quality by local artisans of Tai Dam Weaving Group.

We take great pride in offering our customers a wide variety of products – something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a simple handbag or something more elaborate like a scarf or hat, or maybe a wine bag, we have it. And with all of our products using environmentally friendly practices wherever possible, you can feel good about what you’re buying.

Wine Bag
Bucket Hat Hemp
Panama Hat
Bucket Hat Hemp
iPad Bag
Hand Bag
Hand Bag

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What we value

We value our customers.

We go above and beyond to make sure that each of our products is perfectly designed for you — and we do this with meticulous care.
We pay attention to every aspect of each product, from the materials used and the design to its unique features and functionality.

Tai-Dam Weaving Group

We are thankful to Tai-Dam Weaving Group for sharing their craft with us!

Mrs Pann Chonpeayung,82, more than 70 yrs in weaving
Mrs Pann Chonpeayung,82, more than 70 yrs in weaving
Mrs. Sopa Khumkam,50, 20 Years in weaving
Mrs. Sopa Khumkam,50, 20 Years in weaving
Mrs. Nilakaew Aoy-nor,32 years
Mrs. Nilakaew Aoy-nor,32 years
The Tai Dam Weaving Group is a group of artisans who have been weaving for generations, and they are known for their high-quality products. It is their practice to weave silk, cotton, and hemp threads into textiles of all kinds. The group craftsmen are hard-working, dedicated people who produce beautiful products that are enjoyed by people all over the world.
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